The David’s: Celebrating a Friend’s Nuptials 6/25/16 & 7/7/16

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On June 25th, a beautiful summer day, a group of longtime friends that haven’t seen each other in 4-ever, came together to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of a dear friend, Maalik, which occurred on July 7th.

Where do I start…

Many, many moons ago, a group of sisters came together and discovered what is was like to enjoy a true sisterhood.  We got together often just because: family outings, girls vacations, hotel overnights, boat rides, if we thought of it… we did it… TOGETHER!!! We developed a bond that although most of us haven’t seen each other in AGES… once we got together it was our natural instinct to have a great time… TOGETHER!!!  Just like old times.  Thanks to the celebration of L-O-V-E for our dear friend Maalik to her life partner Richard. (The happy couple was together way back then many moons ago)

June 25th, 2016:  The Bridal Shower

Imagine getting a text message outta the blue inviting you to a bridal shower for a friend you haven’t seen in 4-ever.  Imagine that text is a group text with all of your old friends included.  Imagine your friend is marrying her long time sweetheart who she was with way back when… what do you sayYES!!! Of course I’ll be there! What time and when???  Is there anything you need me to do???

Side note:

Let’s give it up for Chauntelle who did major craft projects for both the shower and the wedding:  goodie bags, keepsakes, invites, décor, EVERYTHING!!! You go girl!!!

Back to the shower…

The plan is to surprise the bride, Maalik, with a shower at her house. 20160625_185443 I arrived to the house in six inch stilettos, only to see we were gathering in the backyard.  (What in the world) Good thing I had flip flops in my purse.  I was sure to arrive on time because the host asked me to bring a bottle of booze for the punch, (I guess she knows my strong suits) but there was still lots to do.  Since I had the flip flops, I jump right in and as others arrived, they did the same.  By the time the bride arrived the backyard was ready, food was set, and decorations established.  When she came out of the house she had no idea who was going to be there.  So since this was a gathering of old friends, as she seen each person she was super excited and literally moved to tears.  It’s so special to see your friend so happy and to know that in some small way you contributed to that happiness.  The day was special for all of us because we literally haven’t seen each other in 4-ever: Ms. Mary, Who-the-hell-is-Michelle, Chauntelle, Maalik, Wana, Nikki, April, & Me.  And although the last four of us are cousins, we all got along like good friends.

But the backyard was only the beginning…

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The master part of Chaunie’s plan was to surprise the bride with a trip to LIPS, a drag queen show in NYC.  So around 3 in the afternoon, the LIMO arrives. 20160625_150727 Not just any LIMO… it was a supa stretch limo with those doors that go up and down like wings.  Maalik was floored… literally beside herself.  She had no idea, first about LIPS…  but to see we were going in Limo. (Made her day!) I actually think the limo shocked all of us, because none of us had any idea that’s how we were travelling.

We all pile into the car for the car ride of all car rides.  20160625_153418(Thanks Who-the-hell-is-Michelle for providing the music, critical!) I still don’t think Maalik knows where we are going because the whole car ride was laughter, smiles, and happy times.  We reminisced from back in the day, we took dance, singing, and photo breaks, and of course… the drinks were flowing… cause we weren’t driving!  As we pull up in front of LIPS, it VIP treatment all the way. (Like of course… did you see this limo!) 20160625_151428

We get20160625_165315 inside and things move quickly.  Our wonderful waitress… Chandilier… was on it!  Drinks, apps, food… ordered.  (After all they do have a show to get too!)  All of the food happens, the lights dim, and the show begins!!! 20160625_181439 All QUEENS on Deck!!!  Yes, you too Maalik, who was invited on stage to participate in the ‘bride to be’ part of the show.  Overall it was a great show, and most importantly, the bride was pleased.  It was wonderful to see her sooooo happy.  But this was only Level 1 happiness…

July 7th, 2016:  The Wedding Reception

The David’s have been together so long, they were perfectly happy with a smaller intimate wedding, which most of us didn’t attend.  But, when it came to the celebration, the couple wanted nothing more than to be surrounded by family and friends… over one hundred of them.  And in this place, three more members of our long lost crew showed up… Linda, Mary J. Blige (Ish), & Nina.  Hail, hail… the gang is all here to celebrate our friend, who…

Today, was happier than I have ever seen her, and so was he. 20160707_212405  It was so beautiful to see so much L-O-V-E in one room:  between him and her, for their children, for their family and friends, and the love everyone had for them, and our love for each other.  This is Level 2 happiness…

As the celebration continued, our group came together… 20160707_222712we ate, we danced, and we laughed, and did everything else… just like old times.  It was so good to see everyone again.  Most of us are now connected on the Facebook, so I hope this isn’t the last of our good times.  We got together and had such a great time that it feels like there should just be more.

Let’s stay in touch Ladies… Lincoln Park Music Festival, Saturday July 30thSee you there!

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4 Responses to The David’s: Celebrating a Friend’s Nuptials 6/25/16 & 7/7/16

  1. Pete Bailey says:

    super fun all the way a few times I felt like I was there. I could ‘hear’ you saying some of the things you said. Very glad you take lots of pix and blog about your fun. Thanks!!

  2. Maalika Hudson says:

    Wow Shee!!! I guess this sums it up! It was an awesome day filled with family, friends and so much LOVE. Thanks for writing this up I am almost in tears!

    • rashia5_wp says:

      Thanks for taking the time to read it… I appreciate it and I really did have a great time with you guys. I just hope it came across in the write up. See you soon.

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