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Welcome to Rashia’s 2016 AWESOME Summer of FUN!!!


Inspired by the movie Julie & Julia. Inspired by the wonderful group of ladies I dine with for our annual holiday dinner. Inspired by LIFE!

I’ve decided to bring my life to life, and I have purposely decided to do it in a public forum for you all to see. I will be sharing and I will count on you to hold me accountable. If you’re a judger, please keep it to yourself, but I promise I won’t take it personal if you don’t. So…

What’s happening here???
I commit to finding at least ONE thing (that may be somewhat interesting) to do every week through September 19th, even if I have no one to do it with. I also commit to weekly blog posts about my experiences and I promise to keep you informed about what I will be doing and how it went. I also commit to including as many photos and videos as my little heart can stand.

How did I come up with this???
The ladies at our 2015 annual holiday dinner were gifted journals. When I realized I haven’t written a thing in it all year, I came up with a plan to start going to the events I find on the Facebook (since this is really my first official full summer on the BOOK) that appeal to me and write about it in my journal. Then I thought why deprive the world of this adventure, when I could share.

So why is that important???
I usually end up NOT going to things because I don’t have anyone to go with. Then I figured I will never meet people to do things with… if I just sit in the house not doing things.

Blog goals:
• To keep me accountable for going through with this whole thing by doing it in a public forum.
• To have the best story I don’t have to retell at the 2016 holiday dinner.
• To try new things.
• To meet new people who also like to have AWESOME summers of FUN!!!
• To give me a reason to write (about things) (there just may be a book somewhere inside of here).

That said…
This is my true story in the making and I hope you are ready to go through this experience with me. I look forward to your comments, feedback, and maybe even suggestions on some things to try. My life is an open web page right now. I’m kinda nervous about this but I am sooo ready to get started. SUPER excited (me jumping up and down) for tomorrow!!! 1000ft slip and slide…how could I not be. LET’S GO!!!

Be sure to check out my recent post to the right of the screen for the latest updates…