Rashia’s 40th Year


What’s Happening Here???

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I will be 40 on August 3, 2017 and I-AM-EX-CITED!!!  40 is the official last day of being considered a youth.  It’s that time when you (and I hear your body) realize that you are “all growed up” now… and I’m ready.  There’s a certain level of perspective that comes with 40 (I hope) that allows you to process information and relate to people differently.  So I’ve decided to revamp the blog to tell the story of Rashia’s 40th YEAR.  I anticipate quite a few things being different for me over the next year: attitude, metabolism, activities, hobbies, friends, etc… and I want to document it.

I have always been self-sufficient, confident, outgoing, and shy (go figure), with a positive attitude and a zest for life.  I enjoy learning, haven’t met a challenge that I didn’t like, and I have no problem trying new things.  But as I get closer to 40, and perhaps because I have been self-sufficient for some time now, I am starting to realize that there are some things in life I am not willing to compromise.  The most important being… myself.  I’m learning to deal with people where they are and I have no interest in people who are not willing to do the same for me.  I make no apologies for who I am, allll that comes with it, and the things that don’t.

Soooooo… now that we’ve been prepped… let’s get into this blog!!!

Blog Goals:

  • Help me focus more on writing by sharing my stories
  • Process information and clear my mind through writing
  • Discover new things about myself through writing
  • Document the up and downs, the highs and lows, and the bumps and bruises of being 40
  • To just plain give me a reason to write (seriously… there just may be a book somewhere inside of here)

That said…

Stay tuned for new blog posts about random things that are not so random to me.  I will be 40 for a whole year, so this iteration of the blog is a much longer commitment with a broader focus.  I anticipate adding a new post (at least) every two weeks.  There are no boundaries and no limits so who knows where this blog (my blog) will go.  The words I intend to share are my very own from my little heart.  You may learn some things about me along the way that may shock you, disappoint you, or perhaps even inspire you.  I anticipate being open and honest, so of course I anticipate varied reactions, it’s actually the point.  I anticipate some judgements and a few malicious comments as a consequence of deciding to share my life on the internet.  I have made the decision to blog (again) and I accept the Ts&Cs that come with it.  I look forward to reading your comments as we travel through Rashia’s 40th YEAR… together.