Birthday Reflections, August 3, 2016


Today is August 2, 2016 @ 4:26pm.  I just got in from work and thought it super important that I take a moment to write about the way I’m feeling right now in this moment.  I know there are a number of blog posts I need to write up:

  • Time Out NY Pool Party
  • Bryant Park Barefoot Ball
  • Guns N’ Roses

(to name a few)

But I felt it necessary to take the time to share a few things about my thoughts and feelings in this moment.  You see… tomorrow is my birthday.  My 39th birthday.   It’s funny, I’ve been saying that I am going to be forty for the past 4 or 5 years, but tomorrow puts me one day closer.  The funnier thing is that, every day for the past 4 or 5 years since I started saying that has put me one day closer.  Everyday a chance to make things in my life just that much better.  OK… who am I kidding.  I don’t really work toward that every day.  I probably don’t even think about. I guess I can say that I’m content.  Content with my life, content with my home, content with my career, you know… content.  I can actually say that most of the time I’m happy, but… of course some days are better than others.

I think it’s my attitude.  I read once that attitude is everything, and that’s all it took.  One time for me to read those words and I’ve believed it ever since.  I really believe my attitude is everything so I do my best to keep it positive.  I don’t believe in stress because I have seen what it can do to people.  But I also think that I don’t stress, because I have a faith that allows me to believe that me and those I love (specifically – my mother) can get through anything.  My faith actually leads me to both ends of the spectrum.  I can get through anything, or I should just jump if I really feel like through the hard times things won’t get any better.  And believe me, I have had some hard times.  Heck, today… somethings are still hard.  But I can either deal with things and work towards a solution, or just jump…

(The jump thing ain’t gonna happen)

I just know, without a doubt, things will always get better, so I stare the hard times in the face, look them in the eye, and think to myself… let’s do this!  And sometimes, I actually say it out loud… LET’S. DO. THIS…

So today as I approach 39, I look forward to what life continues to have in store for me.  I mean, beside the preverbal kids and the husband society says I am supposed to have to feel complete, this life doesn’t owe me a thing.  But despite not being owed anything… I know the world has sooooo much more in store for me.  That’s why I started my blog, because I’ve always felt like life has more in store for me, but it’s not gonna happen if I just sit in the house doing nothing.  I know I have to do my part, and if I do, good things will continue to come my way.  I don’t doubt it – I never have and I never will.  Because I live my life, and trust… mother has lived. Like… for serious.  And at some point I stopped. But guess what…


Starting with this summer and this blog.  Teaching me a lot about myself and helping me to find things I like to do, or be successful at outside of school and career.  (Even though sometimes I think career and school is what I’m good at since I chose a never-ending term paper as a summer hobby.  I may be on to something.  Anywho…) This blog is a direct response to someone’s suggestion that I keep a journal.  Funny, because when I came up with this concept, I automatically committed to it, just like that!  I decided it was worth doing and I am sticking with it to ensure it’s successful… no matter who does (or doesn’t) read it.  But isn’t that really what life success is all about…


Make the decision to do something and follow through until it either happens or it’s complete.  That’s how I find new jobs, that’s how I bought my home, traveled the world, graduated college three times, or even this blog which is currently in progress.  I understand things aren’t always going to be easy.  Actually, I am reminded that nothing good comes easy – cliché, but I’ve lived it so I get it and I know it’s true.  Trust me… undergrad was so hard (I mean so so hard) that I am sure my mom is still in shock that I went back to school for two more degrees. (Funny, cause those were easy!!!) (Did I mention how hard undergrad was – like, brutally hard) But I truly believe going through undergrad has made me into the person I am today.  I-CAN-DO-ANYTHING!!! For serious…

I’ve accepted that everything isn’t within my control, so I let my JESUS handle those things. 20160802_143831 I just make sure to do my part.  Which is what I am doing right now… my part to populate my blog with content from the heart.  So, as I reflect on the eve of my 39th birthday, I am truly grateful for my life, my mom, Dottie, DJ, and, of course, my JESUS.  I look forward to celebrating my life tomorrow with those who think it’s not robbery to come to Pt. Pleasant and celebrate with me.  Tomorrow… I’ll be 39, and next year I’ll be 40, and if it’s meant to be, the number will just keep going up, Up, UP!!!  The thing is… what am I doing to do with it…

My life is what I make it.  Trust me I know.  That’s why I subtitled my blog…

My true story in the making…

Yours is too… Let’s get out there and live this thing – no one else can do it for us.



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6 Responses to Birthday Reflections, August 3, 2016

  1. Mom says:

    My reflections on God’s most precious gift to the world. I thought of this song by Cheryl Pepsii Riley “Thanks For My Child”

  2. Peter Bailey says:

    I fell in love with you when you told me a story about a chubby little kid and her bike. That kind of determination is rare, just as you are a rare, wonderful character. I have enjoyed the moments you shared with me and hope to have a few more.

  3. DPL says:

    You are full of life and amazing. DO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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