It Really Was… a Nice Trip!

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So I get home from my Albany work trip and text my Co-Workers that I made it home safe.  One responds “Thank you!!! I just got home.  See you guys in the am… It was a nice trip! (heart emoji)

I was on the phone with a friend (multi-tasking of course…) when I read the text and it made me think about my time in Albany.  On the train ride home, I looked through allll my pictures.  Seriously though… Like… sooooooo many pictures!!! 237 in all. Our  team usually brings giveaways to this event but this year we decided to step our game up and try something out of the box and bring something different…

So we brought…

Wait for it…




I had… the best time!!! AT A WORK TRIP!!! OMG!!! It Really Was… a Nice Trip!

20161005_114121Who would’a thought… such a simple contraption would change the entire dynamics of my annual visit to Albany, it’s crazy… But that’s just what it did.  Life… teaching me, no… showing me… once again that life is what you make it and attitude is everything. I walked around the “EGG” for two days… and around Albany for two nights… coNected… to a selfie stick!


And you wouldn’t believe how many pictures I got!!!  Selfies, SELFies, and more SELFIES!!!


It made sooo many people happy… which made me happy too.  I mean… literally… people were eager to be in these pictures… which made it so much easier for me!!! Because under this exterior, I’m a little shy… Just A Little.  But everyone’s reception was so warm that it invited me into a world where I spoke to just about everyone at the conference… or at least I got a picture with them.

20161006_110304 20161006_103426 20161006_105932 20161006_110631 20161005_183607 20161005_182000

However, for some reason and for the first time… and this is literally my 3rd year at this conference… that little device (a selfie stick) made this work conference, dare I say…

A Really Nice Trip…

Whether it was at dinner, on the conference floor, during the reception, or in an elevator… Your smiles say it all… (I’m grinning so hard right now as I write this)

20161004_193400_001 20161005_172833 20161006_110020 20161006_10360720161005_181451 20161006_113130

It Really Was… a Nice Trip!

Enjoy the photos, I’ve tried to include as many as I could…

From the Conference Floor…

20161006_110004 20161006_105035 20161006_103240 20161006_102737 20161006_102504 20161006_102547 20161006_102535 20161006_102329 20161006_103643 20161006_102851 20161006_102602 20161005_133135 20161006_103526 20161006_110253 20161006_110115 20161006_11004520161005_111359 20161005_172743 20161005_100831 20161005_133239 20161005_111748 20161006_103152 20161005_172757

At the Networking Reception…

20161005_181417 20161005_182122 20161005_181408 20161005_182037 20161005_182915 20161005_18214820161005_183629 20161005_181603 20161005_181258 20161005_181323  20161005_182156 20161005_182240 20161005_183809 20161005_181346  20161005_181310 20161005_181130 20161005_182451

Elevator Shots…

20161005_184004 20161005_185930 20161005_140407 20161005_184200


20161005_203501 20161005_203643 20161005_215037 20161005_223005 20161005_141005 20161005_221917  20161006_130213 20161006_123725 20161005_220012 20161005_221616

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4 Responses to It Really Was… a Nice Trip!

  1. The Brother AJ says:

    Outside Of UR A-Hem “Flip Da Skrip Band Post” LMAO!!! This Iz DEFINITELY Another Highlight In UR Hit List!!! I Love The Fact That The Selfie Stick Took UR ALREADY XCELLENT Picture Taking Game 2 A WHOLE NOTHA LEVEL!!! Most People Go Running When They C The Camera Come Out…, So It Was Nice 2 C How U Got Them Inspired 2 B Such A Big Part Of UR Story!!! Kudos 2 U…, The Team…, & Hopefully The Conference Breathed Renewed Life Back Into UR Already Overflowing World!!!
    My Brother Lived In Albany 4 Like The Last 22 Years Of His Life!!! I Never Wanted 2 Go That Far Upstate Bcuz Of The Perceived COLD WEATHER!!! He Passed Away In 2012 & I Had 2 Make That Trek Up There 2 Close Out His Affairs!!! I Was Blessed 2 Meet Such A Wonderful Group Of People Up In That Region Who Truly Loved My Brother & Showed Up & Out 4 Him!!! Hell I Even Came Back Up When They Did A Memorial 4 Him @ His Church & They 1nce Again Showed Me & My Family MEGA LOVE!!! So Judging From UR Pics & Wordz…, Albany Still Got Nuthin’ But A Lotta Love Flowing Thru That Northern Quadrant That’s Closer 2 Canada Than We R Daggone It!!! LMAO!!! Great Job…, Great Story…, & GREAT GREAT PICS!!!

  2. Sonia says:

    Rashia, you truly did make this, what could have been the usual snoozer of an annual event, into something special. I see pictures of just about everybody who is anybody posted! I believe you when you say you have 237 pics! You are crazy, we love you, but give your selfie stick a rest. It worked really, really hard for far too long!! 🙂

  3. Mom says:

    What a wonderful story. I am still smiling and I wasn’t even there. You are truly the world’s greatest gift.

    Your Mom.

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