What’s Happening This Week 6/6/16

I am SUPER EXCITED to go to my 4th Beyoncé concert tomorrow.  I’ve done the research and I feel like I KNOW all the words to EVERY song.  She’s always a great show.  It’s crazy (in love) because the venues just seem to get bigger and bigger.  First Barclay, then MetLife (2x), and now Citi Field. This will be the first time I’ve ever had floor seats.  Mind you, I always get great seats, otherwise there is no need in me going.  But, I don’t like sitting on the floor because if it’s a good, great, or even halfway decent show, you are forced to stand the whole time.  Who am I kidding, I stand the whole time anyway.  That’s what made me look at things differently, plus the shape of the baseball field.  The seats I would normally choose are so far away because the baseball field is a diamond.  (If you don’t believe me Google the MetLife and Citi Field seating charts.)  Either way I am LOOKING FORWARD to the show. (Me jumping up and down!!!) (Uh-Oh… Uh-oh…uh-oh, uh-oh…)

Stay tuned to see which shirt I chose for the concert...

Stay tuned to see which shirt I chose for the concert…

I also made plans to play BINGO! in Bryant Park in the city this week.  When I saw it, I figure… well, it’s something different to do. Also it would be silly to work around the corner from the park and not participate in any of the activities.  They have so much to do… http://www.bryantpark.org/plan-your-visit/calendar.html.   The only thing is… I planned both of these activities prior to my decision to embark on Rashia’s 2016 AWESOME Summer of FUN!!! Soooo….

I’ve packed a third activity into the week… a bar crawl.  Part of my commitment when starting the blog was that I would see things on the Facebook and commit to participating.  This bar crawl is just that.  I saw it and thought… right up my alley… hanging in bars.  (Perfect!)

As you can see I have a week full of activities planned. It’s me holding up my end of this bargain, so do your part and leave me some feedback and make suggestions (Thanks for the zip line idea Pete.  I’ll look into it.)  and hold me accountable for going through with this whole thing.

OH…wait… I almost forgot!!!….

I was planning Great Adventure for 6/8, but I have an offer to bring a friend for free on 6/12 and 6/19… if anyone is interested.  Great Adventure admission on me!!!  (Only either one of those days.)  And, I’m willing to go both days if people are interested.  The only thing is, you should LOVE roller coasters.  It doesn’t make since to waste a perfectly good free Great Adventure admission.  Lemme know…

Who’s coming with me???  Leave your comments below.

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6 Responses to What’s Happening This Week 6/6/16

  1. Mom says:

    I know I don’t have to tell you to enjoy yourself. Please remember, however, that it is Beyoncé’s show and you do not have to perform every song. Oh well, who I am kidding—just have fun.

    I think I can handle zip lining. Thanks Pete.

    • rashia5_wp says:

      Well I did!!! I performed every song. AND had a blast doing it! Read the full story on my BEYONCE page.

  2. Be-O-Be says:

    Well………you are “The World’s Most Precious Gift”, right?

  3. Monique says:


    You are the best! I’m enjoying reading your exploits. Enjoy your summer of fun. Hit me if I can join some of that fun.

    • rashia5_wp says:

      Hi Monique… Thanks for participating. This is so much fun. Maybe we could do a trip to the spa place so I could write about that. Keep reading and I’m sure we’ll end up doing something together this summer. Let’s see to it!!!

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