Slide the City 6/4/16


Yesterday was the first adventure of Rashia’s 2016 AWESOME Summer of FUN!!! And boy was it AWESOME!  Imagine me sliding down a giant 1000ft slip and slide… on a huge 4ft white swan floatie… I know right… AWESOME!!! 

 Let me go back a bit.  Although the 3-slide package included a floatie, of course I just had to bring my own.  Actually, I brought two:  the 4ft swan and another 4ft tube without a head… just in case someone said the head was too much.  (if you’re doing to do it, don’t under do it!)  Let’s just say I showed up ready to slide.  So when they give me a floatie and a backpack, I just put it in the backpack I was already carrying and kept it moving.  Especially since the line to blow up the floaties they passed out was outta control.

Awesome floaties ROCK!

 As I make my way to the top of the hill, I’m thinking… is this really 1000ft… am I really going to do this… OF COURSE I AM!!! First off, I didn’t spend money to NOT do this, but that aside, it actually looked like it was going to be fun watching other people slide.  Before I know it, I’m at the top of the hill and the guy monitoring the slide says…AWESOME floatie, you’re gonna go super-fast with that thing.  My response: perfect!  Then he says… no selfie sticks.  Whhaaaattt??? But that’s ok I say, because this isn’t a selfie stick… It’s actually a collapsible tri-pod.  His response, no sticks of any kind.  (dream-killer)

 Me & Dave

Moving on, I pack up the stick, get the guy to take pictures of me, hold on to the camera… and I’m off!  Roaring down Pleasant Valley Way on a giant swan floatie, super-fast while gripping the swans neck. (glad I used the swan!) Smooth sailing all the way to the bottom but… I forgot to record with the camera.  Next go round, now as an experienced slider who remembers to push record button before going, smooth sailing all the way down, AGAIN!  But, somehow the camera stop recording during my slide. (darn-it!)

 OK Rashia… you’ve got one more chance to do this and get some footage for your blog. (see, this blog is inspiring me already.)  Now, I’m doubly experienced.  I’ve pressed record.  And again, I’m roaring down the slide… when it happens… (wait for it)… WIIIPE OUTTTT!!!  I drop the camera, while trying to stop to get it, I flipped over what felt like  (at least) six times, and before I know it, one of the slide monitors is bringing me the camera as I lay on the slide… next to the giant swan floatie.  That’s not even the craziest part… because for some reason this time… that darn camera never stopped recording.  Enjoy the footage…

On another note… this week’s activities will take me to the Beyoncé concert (soooo ready) and to Bingo in the park in NYC.  Looking forward to both.  I would also like to go to Great Adventure on Wednesday, but I would need a tag along for that, and so far… no takers.  AnyOne… Anyone… anyone…

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10 Responses to Slide the City 6/4/16

  1. Sakima says:

    Your gonna need a go pro strap on camera!! lol AWESOME

    • rashia5_wp says:

      Funny… As I was walking up the hill that last time… I thought to myself… I should really put the wrist strap on this camera incase it slips away. And wouldn’t you know it. But, I’m actually glad it wasn’t on. You all go to see the wipe out from the camera’s perspective. By the time I finished rolling the camera was about five feet behind me and the guy was bringing it to me. All I could say was… thank you.

  2. Tamar says:

    I love it!

    • rashia5_wp says:

      So far its going… but there’s a lot more summer to come. Keep me posted if you have something I can participate in.

  3. Mom says:

    Look’s like you had a great time. I’ve always appreciated how you take on life and always make it “lemonade.” When you do something a little more tamer, maybe I will consider joining you. Continue to enjoy your AWESOME summer. Your blog looks great.

    • rashia5_wp says:

      Well, I guess somebody raised me to be like that… Guess WHO??? I am sure there will be some family friendly activities coming soon. If nothing else, we definitely have a date in August!!!

  4. Pete Bailey says:

    I should set you up with Tori (grand daughter – 14) – she’d be in love with you in a second! Clothes (she loves Buckle!!) Food, the slide – Great Adventure – and I tend to be a little bit boring (don’t like rides that flip me upside down … love all the Disney rides). Nicole works about 80 hrs a week.We’re looking for a concert or two to take her to (never been) – I’d like a Christian group. My goodness the video was hilarious.
    Saturday, 6/18 we’re going to the Art All Night at Trenton – you should catch up with us. Tori, and maybe Nicole will be having their art displayed (1 piece each is allowed). 3PM Sat. to 3PM Sunday at the old Roebling cable factory. Now, if you want to have excitement with me – I will be hiking the Appalachian Trail – so far it will be solo – woo-hoo!!

    • rashia5_wp says:

      Hi Pete… I already have a show scheduled for the 18th. I am going to see BOB the Drag Queen. I have been infatuated since I seen him on RuPaul’s Drag race. Thanks for the invite though, and I will look into the zip line.

  5. Be-O-Be says:

    Rashia, why not bring the swan to work?

    • rashia5_wp says:

      It’s already deflated. Plus I’m not bringing that thing on the bus. But if there is ever a slide on LI. I promise I will bring it there.

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