Not So Neighborly Neighbors 6/18/16

So far this week I’ve been to two outings, both with co-workers.  One not so willingly and the other, I willingly complied.  Unfortunately, I’m not so inspired to write today because I was accosted on my way home last night.  My next door neighbor punched me in the face and of course in Newark, the cops never come.  I actually got up at four this morning to go to the precinct where they told me they don’t take reports but I had to wait until Monday to go to Green Street to file a complaint.  Wait… WHAT???  I kinda have to work on Monday so that doesn’t work for me.  Plus, there’s no way I am going back home without having this incident documented with the police since these people are literally my next door neighbors now.  They have me wait, and wait, and wait some more…  Finally another cop comes out and tells me the same thing the last guy did.  My response, the same.  So I wait again.  This time reaching out to anyone I know who may be in a position to assist – Councilman James, Officer Marshall, Mr. Kirkland.  Until finally, another cop comes out.  He looks like is concerned about why I was sitting there, now listening to my headphones and doing the crossword. (settled in basically) He asks me about it and decides to just take a report. (finally these tax dollars are working) Once complete, he tells me I need to go to Green street to file the complaint.  Wait… WHAT did we just do?  He just took the information but this cannot be considered the complaint.  Good thing I have folks behind the scenes in the mix, because by the time I got home an Officer Captain reached out to me.  He had the report delivered to my house by another officer, and a detective should be contacting me during the week.  (aahhh – tax $$$s working) He also gave me his number to reach out in the event there were any additional incidents.  Let’s hope not.  Thanks Officer Captain.

Disclaimer:  Please mom don’t panic.  I know you worry but I am not moving back home.  This just means be more careful and to protect myself at all times by any means necessary. The blood of JESUS still lives here and GOD don’t like ugly.

So I am going to go back to frozen veggies on my face and resting before I go see Bob the Drag Queen this evening.  I’ll write up this weeks events tomorrow when I hopefully I can write from a better place in my heart.  I really tried, but I don’t have the words right now.  Until tomorrow…

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9 Responses to Not So Neighborly Neighbors 6/18/16

  1. Pete Bailey says:

    King David blogged about it in Psalms. He prayed to God to kill his enemies (advisors…) to the 7th generation. And then he did the unthinkable – he let go of the anger. In the New Testament, Phillipians 4 (and other places) we are taught – pray about everything, worry about nothing.

    Now, neither of those things mean to stop being aware of your surroundings – especially to the crazy.

    Very glad you are ok – love you – go find and have some fun.

  2. Christine says:

    What in the hell just happened? Did a dude hit you or a woman? Did you get a lick in?
    What ever happened to neighborly love?

    So sorry,

    • rashia5_wp says:

      It was a woman. Straight clocked me. I fell down and everything. Then, I ran… cause I ain’t stupid. It was four of them outside. Let’s just pray things remain peaceful moving forward.

  3. Connie says:

    Shia, I’m so thankful you’re safe. Is there history between you guys.!? Can you request a restraining order.!? The blood of Jesus does still live here

    • rashia5_wp says:

      Hi Connie!!! Thanks for reading my blog. It’s unfortunate it took a tragedy. Either way, stay tuned and get caught up. It fun stuff is so much more exciting to read! I’m the meantime, I’ll be fine. Renters are usually temporary.

  4. Tari says:

    Shia….you know the darn drill…..Just send up the “BAT SIGNAL”….the Damn Bat Signal Shia….Tanisha would have handled all of them before the rest of us even got there….you know she crazy!!!….Lol…..

    • rashia5_wp says:

      Yeah cousin… Not so sure the “BAT SIGNAL” would work for me. Plus Tanisha was outta town and I can’t be in a feuding war with my neighbors.

  5. Tari says:

    #Janie Kinard’s Magnificent 7….the Sequel
    ……Crazy Granddaughters……lolololololol

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